Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I was going to stay up late last night but I got tired while watching The Muppets' Letters to Santa. But I was thinking about all that I want to do in 2010. My list is long so I hope I get to most of it.
This year I want to:
Bring reusable bags to stores. Made easy by a bag that fits nicely into my purse.
Shop more locally. My alpaca socks where the best $20 I ever spent.
Get more canning done. My stock of blackberry jam is nearly depleted so I'd like to do some more jams.
Be a little less ambisious with the garden. Planting only things that we will eat and things that are not ambunant around here.
Visit local farms more often for produce. I learned that getting your produce straight from the farm is the freshest.
Get into more crafts. I would really like to try making soap.
Learn how to do basic maintance stuff such as changing spark plug in a car and changing the oil.
Also, I'd like to read more and be on the computer less.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Karen Sue said...

Good list. I still have to finish mine..and take down the tree and empty the bathroom before my workers come on Monday or Tuesday and you know if I don't do it, they'll come Monday. The bathroom fix is on the list and it will already be mostly done in Jan. Of course, I'll have some painting and stuff to do after.

Rachel B. said...

I forgot, I need to paint my bedroom ceiling.

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