Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Local Beverage Company

For a little more than I year I've been drinking something called Steaz. It's all organic and fair trade. To make it even better it is manufactored by a company that is local! How about that for making you feel good about what you are drinking? Yum!


Pilgrim Soul said...

I didn't realize Steaz was local (ish, for me). But it's just processing, right? I mean, where are the ingredients from?

Rachel B. said...

Yeah, it's just processing but like I said it's fair trade and organic. It would be even better if it was 100% local.

Karen Sue said...

I don't like tea in can as well as I do in they do it in bottles, too?
I was making green tea from powder every day for over a year and taking it to work, but I've started just drinking water lately.

Rachel B. said...

They only make their sparkling green tea in a glass bottle.
I personally perfer my iced tea brewed from loose leaf tea. Yeah, I get a little snooty when it comes to tea.

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