Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Diva Cup? *Warning! Girly Talk!*

For those who do not know what I am talking about, the Diva cup is the 'green' alternative to tampons and pads. Basically, it's a silicone cup that you place in you and it suctions to your 'walls' and catches the blood. (Sorry, I don't want to sound vulgar but I'm sounding silly in return!) I've done some reading up on this products and similar ones and I'm okay about it. But what if I don't like it? Are they even returnable?
So during this cycles I spent about $10 on 'provisions' (the buy 1 40 count get a 20 count free helped a lot got about $3 off) and am soaking through everything! Is the Diva cup my answer? I'm still a little wary with shedding out $25 on something I don't like and can't return it. Does anyone use these or know someone that does? I really want to make the switch but am so unsure. I talk to my mom about it. her first reaction was a little grossed out about washing the cup until I said it's no different than washing bloody hands from meat.
Right now I'm using tampons with cardboard applicators. Most cringe at them because their uncomfortable. To me there's no different except the price (usually $1 difference) and that their bio degradable.


Aimee said...

check out crunchychicken, she has posted on the diva cup before. I've never used the diva cup myself, but back in my diaphragm days, I did use the diaphragm as a cup if I was caught unawares wit5hout supplies, and it works just fine.

Karen Sue said...

i normally would rather talk about this on email. Yeah, I'm a prude that way! BUT, since you asked:
I bought a Pink Cup last spring on ebay - czech repub, I think. Now I'm looking them up and you can bid 9.99 free shipping. I ended up paying around 25 for mine. There are websites to go to for LOTS of info...more than I could ever give here.
I read one thing that said use it at least 3 months before you decide if you like it. I have 3 kids, so I got L. Info should help you determine size also. I am not confident enough to go white water rafting in it with no backup(someone's claim!) but I prefer it, at my stage of life, to what I was doing before. The first one I bought was yellow and it cracked. I contacted them and they said that they had trouble with some colors and they replaced it. No problems. Do any of your other supplies come with a money back guarantee? You are young. My vote is you try it. No one in my house knows I have it, so SHHHHH... but I have saved enough in supplies to be money ahead all ready. More specific details..come to my email...

Conny said...

It can't hurt to try it. I've used "Instead" which is a similar product, but I'm not sure they even make them anymore: same concept though. This doesn't apply to you (I'm assuming because of your age) but once you've had children, the size of the cup matters. Instead only comes in one size and can leak if the fit isn't right.

Good luck.

Rachel B. said...

I think I'll get the Diva cup the next go around because I've heard it takes practice to get it just right and right now I really don't want to fool around with it. Instead, I'd rather take it for some 'dry' runs.

Anonymous said...

i've got the keeper, and i think there is a 3 month return policy...maybe check diva cup or keeper out on line...what about sewing your own washable menstrual pads? even if you just use a few while you're lounging at home, one less disposible will make a difference...hope this helps!

Stacey Tabor said...

Thanks for considering The DivaCup! We certainly hope you give it a try!

Once you try it and possibly review it, would you be interested in doing a giveaway on your blog?

Keep in touch with us on and Twitter @divacup.

Best wishes,

The Divacup Team

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