Sunday, January 24, 2010

21 Things We're Learning to Live Without

This was the artical that greeted me on my homepage this morning.
21 Things We're Learning to Live Without
I don't know about any of you out there but I find that most of these are not true. My sister for example. Okay, she has switched to homebrews for coffee but she shops until she has no money left. I peeked at her W2 as saw she made almost 20k last year. Where is it all? Okay, she has a kid and lives with her boyfriend but that's still not 20k! It's spent on clothes she gets rid of a few months later, fast food, and other unneeded luxuries.
I admit, I'm not perfect either. I'll go to WaWa to buy coffee every now and then but I tote around my reuseable mug and play around with the coupons that they give on receipts. So at most it cost 79 cents and taste 400 times better than McDonalds.
So, what on this list is true for you? Can make the other items true as well? Is it even possible for you do all of these things?


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