Monday, January 25, 2010

Sell Your Stuff!

So, I'm not one of those people that desperatly needs money but I really don't see why I should just give away things that are worth something, like books.
Books are pretty much the only thing that I bother to sell used because they cost me $7 and up to purchase new. For me it's worth the effort to post everything on I've been selling my used unwanted books online for about five months and so far I've made $25.50 not including $5 for a pending sale via Cold Antler Farm Forum. It's not much but it's a lot better than having them take up valuable space on my bookshelf.
Back when I was out of a two years ago, I found that there was money in making small animal hammocks. It was a good year for it. I estimated that I made at least $200 that year until business trickled down to nothing because the forum I advertised on was over flowing with other people making them. Every now and then I'll sew some up but it's very rare.
Currently, I'm working on putting together an Esty shop that will sell market bags, aprons, soap, and maybe jam and homemade cleaning solutions. What can I say? I like being a business woman.


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