Thursday, January 28, 2010

Like Milk in my Tea

This morning was snowy and slippery. I'm still a little shaken up about the whole ordeal.
Although it was snowing this morning, I didn't think that the roads would be that bad so I headed off to work. Everything was fine until I had to stop for a bus on a hill. Therefore I couldn't get up it. I backed into someone's driveway and turned around. One way home I went into a ditch. Thankfully I got out of that one. There was only a small hill left. I made it up it fish tailed and went into a deep ditch and was stuck. Not once did someone stop to help. Thankfully it was right next to my hous and was able to walk home and have my mom call the tow truck.
The tow truck didn't make it but two other people with trucks stopped to help.
I was very grateful for their help and wished that I had something to give them to thank them. I felt 'thank you' wasn't enough.


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