Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rug Deodorizer

When it comes to cleaning I have two role models. They're no other than Aggie and Kim, twp British ladies that go to people's houses and show them how filthy they are on How Clean is Your House? It's an inspiring show and you can watch episodes on YouTube. For their British show they tell you how to clean with natural products such as salt, baking soda, and vinegar.
Anyway, I love my bedroom smelling fresh and clean and it's hard to with a smoker in the house. So I stole some tips from them.
I make my own carpet deodorizer which is easy. Buy essential oil (the good stuff, please. Although you might spend up to $8 on it a little goes a long way), and baking soda. Mix them together until you have the strength you want. I have this mixture in a glass container that you might see at restaurants with Parmesan cheese in it. When I need it I sprinkle some on and vacuum it up.
Another thing I like to make is sheet spray which is water and essential oil mix until I like the strength.
Both of these cost pennies and really smell great.


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