Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feeling Horried

This past week has been hell. My monthly cycle has finally past but now I'm sick and miffed. I think it's only a cold so I bought some cold medicine which I never really did until now. Last time it took a few days to get better were as without it would take up to two weeks to be completely over it. I was hoping to start a diet tomorrow but it wont make me feel better so I'm pushing it back to next week.


Conny said...

Well that's no fun. Take good care and get rest - the new diet can surely wait until you're stronger.

Cheers from the West Coast ~ Conny

Rachel B. said...

Thanks! With a little col medicine and little sinus and allergy medicine I'm back on the road! I can actually taste things today! I'm still a little stuff but that will be over soon.

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