Thursday, December 31, 2009

Critter Introductions- Copper

Meet Copper. He's a purebreed Shetland Sheepdog or Sheltie for short. His owner couldn't take care of him anymore so my dad's friend took him in since his owner was his wife's aunt. Well, my dad's friend was going on vacation they farms their other shelties out to their children so we ended up with him for two weeks. Just a few months before our lab mix passed away and we had been wanting another dog. He got along with Max so well we got to keep him. He was quite at first but he found his voice and barks at everything! Birds, people, anything. He's a smart dog though, barking at the front door during feeding time so Max comes running to see what's going on. In the mean time Copper steals Max's food.
I feel bad for him. He has the natural instict to herd and work but he doesn't have the chance to do it. Maybe this summer I'll get him to help me in the garden.
His favorite things are cat poop, barking at the outside cats, 'cookies', and kisses. One of his absolute dislikes is being brushed. This is a picture of him after he is groomed.


Spring Lake Farm said...

Wow! How lucky are you to have two handsome guys in your life.

Enjoy your New Years Day!


Brook Stableford said...

This is truly inspiring. Barbara Kingsolver will be presenting writers' workshops at the San Miguel Writers Conference in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico February 19-23 2010. I just signed up. It looks like a rare opportunity to meet her. Are you going?

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