Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I was thankful that I only had to work until four yesterday. Knowing that if I stopped at the grocery store after work it would be a zoo, I stopped in before work to pick up a couple of things. Well, my debit card wouldn't go through, which is strange, so I stopped back after work and got what I needed. I'm sparing you the unpleasant details of this story which caused me to be 10 minutes late to work.
When I got home I rallied to get the last two of my nephew's bibs sewn (I made mine without the pockets), I'll show pictures of him in one later. I also made a nice knitting needle roll up case which I'm very proud of. I'm thinking about opening an etsy shop to sell some odds and ends things that I make. I'm really learning to put quality effort into the things that I make. The pockets in the case are actually straight! I have some left over fabric that I'll make a matching bag with. What knitter wouldn't want one? It only cost me $4.18! It's not 100% finished yet. I need a little bit more ribbon that I thought I needed.
I'm not done with making presents yet. I still have my two Cold Antler Forum people to send a gift to. I'm thinking aprons, soap, and dish cloths.


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