Thursday, December 31, 2009

Smell That?

I'm weird. I have this thing with that farm smell. Yes, I'm talking about that cattle manure, chicken poop, sprinkled with desiel smell. I almost died and went to heaven today when I good looking guy came into my work smelling like it. It must be that it takes me back to when my brother worked on a local dairy farm and I use to go around and look at everything. And fresh milk! Oh the taste! We got my most favorite cat there. I sort of stole one of their farm cats. My black lab/golden reteiver mix was from that farm. There as just so many memories bundled up in that smell.
The guy made me want to hug him or steal is sweat shirt.


Pilgrim Soul said...

I adore that smell, too. I used to love the days when we'd spread manure in the fields in my grandmother's farm. Cow manure is, hands down, one of my favorite smells. You're not the only weird one!

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