Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Handmade Christmas-Part 4 Knitted Dish Cloths

There's less than a week until Christmas but you haven't found or made one last thing for the people you are giving to. No problem. Make them dish/wash cloths! They're easy, cost little, and are fun to make. I have tired to make up my own pattern but they weren't very uniform and looked sort of messy. It wasn't until Burbs and the Bees posted about making dishcloths for herself that I found the patteren I like.
You'll have to sign up for the website but it's worth the few minutes that it take. This site has literly thousands of patterns. Not all are free but the ones that aren't free are a reasonable price.
For some reason my dish cloths didn't knit up as big as the pattern shows. I'm using a size 7 needle so maybe if I go up a needle size it would work.


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