Thursday, December 17, 2009


It's been in the 30s the past few days, which actually it rather nice. I like being cold and able to throw on more clothes than be hot and trying to take off clothes. You can only go so far. The down side of it all is that I get into my car and I have to wear gloves, and a hat until I travel about five minutes. I would warm the car up but the gas that it wastes makes me cringe.
Yesterday, I went to a huge thrift store and bought two pairs of knitting needles for $1.5o each! I'm very picking about my needles and I prefer one brand, Boyle. I don't know why. I guess it has the sterotypical feel about it that feels so right. I mean, the ones with plastic on the top do not feel as good. At a$1.50 a pair it no longer makes sense to purchase new ones for twice as much. Besides, if they lasted through one person they can last through another.
So, lately I've been hearing hyp about a snow storm heading my way. I honestly did not know about it today. I'm more of a day to day person anyway, unless I wanted to do something outside that day. It's funny how people lose their minds of snow storms. Honesty, if you live where it snows then why do you wait until the last minute to buy a snow shovel and ice melt. The busiest time during the winter at the hardware store is when it's going to snow, and it's not all shovels and ice melt. Weird.


Spring Lake Farm said...

Being from Georgia and not getting an opportunity very often all I can sing is...."Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...". Of course we end up usually getting ice, which is not near as fun (or pretty).

Happy Holidays,


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