Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Handmade Christmas-Part 1 Soap

This is the first post in an installment of posts that will feature handmade Christmas/Holiday presents. I love being fugal and giving more for less these are some ways that I found how to do just that, while also being eco-friendly.

It can be intemidating but it shouldn't be. The easiest way to make soap is to do the melt 'n' pour method. I bought a brick of melt 'n' pour soap at Michaels for about $7 with a coupon then the scent for about $3. You don't have to buy the molds because you could always use containers and cookie cutters. After it cools in the mold you can get creative with the packaging.
I reused a paper bag crunched it up and made a little tag noting the scent. Then I wrapped it in the paper bag, slipped the card on top and tied it up with a ribbon.


Karen Sue said...

How many bars did you get from this?? We are still needing some of that type of gifts for a group and never found all the ingredients for soap from scratch (lye and all the oil needed) This may be the ticket for this Christmas. Is this a mold from Michaels?? Could you pour it into a loaf pan and cut slices? How long must your method set before using??

Rachel B. said...

I figured that I could get 12 bars from the entire package. It only needs to set for 40 minutes. You shouldn't have any problem with using a loaf pan but I would line the pan with foil so you can remove it easily. It's really easy to cut. Yes, I got the mold from Michaels. For the scent, I would go with an essential oil instead of the soap fragence. There really isn't any difference.

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