Friday, December 25, 2009

Nifty Knitting Needle Roll-Up Case

So I had ran into a problem with my knitting needles. They were all over my room and I had no way of keeping track of all of them. Fed up with the mess I looked in the store and online for a suitable case. A decent case cost about $50 and the cheaper ones where too small. Finally, I decieded to make my own!
Click here for the instructions.
I thought that some of the instructions where hard to understand but it was easy to find away that worked. On mine, there are 17 needle slots ranging from 3/4" to 2" and a pocket big enough to store my circular needles and odds and ends such as stitch markers and tapestery needles.

28" x 26" cover fabric
28" x 18" lining fabric
1 yard coordinating ribbon cut in half

I suggest having your fabric store cut you the longest side, 28", because you will have enough to make a matching knitting bag. I'll show you have in another post. I believe it took me about two hours to make but I'm pretty inexperiance with the sewing machine.


Karen Sue said...

Very nice...I got one with a bag as a gift and it's a nice place to keep them paired up. I'm thinking I have way too many needles in the bag now, not in the roll. Good way to lose one and then ...what??

Rachel B. said...

...And then you go to the thrift store to get 'new' ones.

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