Monday, February 1, 2010

A Simple Breakfast

Yesterday I had a really good breakfast of my awesome french toast. It's so rich and so good by Monday I crave something simplier. This morning I made toast with jam. It's not a fantasic example of my cuilinary adventures but it's so simple that's wonderful.
Back in November I went out to Lancaster and stopped by something called the Kitchen Kettle Village. I was under the impression that the jams that they made were the most fantastic thing on earth. The truth is, it's not.
Today I put Kitchen Kettle's Strawberry Rhubarb (left)  jam up against my homemade blackberry jam (roght). I was a little disgusted when I read the ingrediant lable of the KK jam. High fuctose corn syrup. And this stuff is made by Amish women!
Anyway, I put both on toasted texas toast bread and tried both. Which is the best? Mine of course. The KK jam is overly sweet with not much Rhubarb flavor. Honesty, I'm a little bit annoyed about it and I don't think I'll be getting anymore KK products. You could try all of their products before buying and the pickles tasted like sugar coated cucumbers!
Hopefully next time I go back to Lancaster I can go to one of those nice roadside stands. The one with the pretzels is amazing.


Unknown said...


I'm so sorry you didn't like the Strawberry Rhubarb Jam you purchased while visiting our Village here at Kitchen Kettle. Congratulations on being industrious enough to make your own jelly. Not many people do that today so we do our best to mimic the homemade flavors. Just one correction to your post - we do not use high fructose corn syrup. For years we used just fruit and sugar. Unfortunately the jams would crystallize after a relatively short period of time and using regular corn syrup in place of some of the sugar avoids that problem. So we substituted one for the other in a small quantity. The Amish do have a real sweet tooth. I'm sorry our products were too sweet for your tastes.

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