Sunday, February 28, 2010

The 25 Books in a Year Challange

Books are the entertainment for any age. I get more satisfaction out of reading a book that cost $3 that watching a movie that cost $3.
I would like to pull your attention to my side bar to the section entitled "25 Books in a Year". Last year I failed to read my goal of 50 so this year I'm going with the modest goal of five and twenty books in a year. If you like to read join me and read five and twenty books in a year or more! You get bonus points if it's the first time you have read the book.
To enter the challenge, post in the comments of your goal. Create a list in the side bar of your blog and list what books you've read and the date finished. In April I'll do a check up on how things are going.


Sou said...

I Like books Reading,interesting article,thanks for sharing us..

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