Monday, February 22, 2010 Book Sales Update

Up, that's another book ready to go off into the mail and be enjoyed by someone else. I started selling my used unwanted books online in September. It's was better than some of the alternatives, donating, or giving them to the used book store for credit. Although, I love donating my books, about two years ago I donated at least fifty books and to me, I think I did my share for now. So far I've sold seven books and one DVD for a total of $31.25. Not bad, really but it does make room on my bookshelf for some new books. The only bad thing about is that they charge a bundle for shipping if you want to buy. Personally, I try to price my books so that with shipping it's still cheaper than buying it new.
I really want to get rid of these books! So, browse my shop and see what you want. If something strikes your fancy e-mail me at and we can arrange payment and BETTER shipping charges (shipping a single book really only costs $2.50 and it gets cheaper if you get multiples). I have a postal scale that's accurate so I will not over charge you.


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