Saturday, February 6, 2010

Today's Agenda

Today is a snow day from work. I went in last night for my shift with the threat of the snow chasing me out early. It didn't, to my relief. But today there's about five inches of snow on the ground and my road is completely covered. Nevermind the main roads, it's my roads that I worry about since I think we are the last to get plowed.
So, on today's agenda it looks like cleaning for me. Since I still live with my parents I have little cleaning responsibility, I only clean my room, the upstairs bathroom, and the upstairs hallway. I have to admit, I've been neglecting my cleaning duties lately. My room my not look messy, compared to my friend's room (don't get me started), but it bothers me. Part of the problem is that I have little storage.
Today I need to clean my room which includes; vacuuming, dusting, cleaning my furiture; and cleaning the bathroom which includes; the toliet, the floor, and the sink (my mom and I give up on the shower). The toliet's already done, scrubbed and the bowl done over with a pumic stone for the lime bulid up. It's so clean you could drink out of it, although it's not recommended.
Being organized is a bit of an obession for me. I feel good once my room is clean since I spend about 75% of my time there. I think i'm going to invest some money in organization products such as a shoe organizer for my closet door and binder magazine holders for my Mother Earth News. I have a few cliped articals from other magazines that I want to scan and put on my flash drive and possibly post here.
Well  I better get cleaning!


Karen Sue said...

I found a 3 hole punch and a big binder are great tools for my papers/printing. And a box of Page protectors to slide things into, like instructions.

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