Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cashier Rant

No, I'm not trying to start a knock off of my current book Waiter Rant. I just to remind people how to act at the check out.
By the time you read this, thanks to the posting delay set up, I will be cashier my little heart out during something all Ace Hardware cashiers cringe when they here it.
Bag Sale.
The Bag Sale is a quarterly event in which all customers are entitled to a grocery bag and may stuff anything except candy and such things. Anything that fits in the bag qualifies for a 20% discount. That's great for you. But bag day can be very hecktic for a cashier. Some may say, "Well, cashiers just ring everything up." Well, not where I work. If I were to write a job discription here's what it would look like:
Rings customer's items up and guides them through the check out process. Assists customers in finding items. Takes phone calls. Custodian. Places special orders. Stocker. Customer service.
Now, during the Bag Sale, lines will probably be long. This applies ANYWHERE. To insure fast service please:
Have you store card ready to be scanned. (I scan them after I ring everything up).
Have your own bag ready if you brought them.
Take things out of your basket.
While your items are being rung up and bagged have your method of payment ready.
If using a credit or debit card READ what the screen is saying. All of these machines are different.
You have no idea how many times people actually stare at those screens doing nothing or push the wrong buttons and blame me for it. Strange enough, I really like the old way.
One more thing, they store is not your trash can. If you don't want your receipt throw it into the trash can or ask the cashier to throw it away. Do now throw it in the parking lot, on the side walk, and (my favorite) in the Toys for Tots bin.
Do not talk on the phone while being waited on. Politly tell the person your talking to, to either hang on a minute or call you back.
Please use the proper etiquette with coughing and sneezing. Cough/sneeze into the elbow of your non-dominate arm.
An ackowledgment of my exsistance is well appericiated. At least a friendly 'how do you do'.
Don't forget your wallet!
This has been a message from a blogging cashier. Thank you.


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