Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trash, Stuff, and Things

Trash is the stuff that you immiedity throw away. This can be packaging or even goods that you throw away, like those new little disposible toothbrushes called Whisps.
Things is items that doesn't last very long and you will eventually end up throwing out. This can be toothbrushes, nick-nacks, and bath sponges.
Stuff is things that you keep for a long period of time or forever. These are the things that last a really long time and you become attached to. This can be computers, microwaves, bedding, and kitchen appliances.
Up until the last few decades the items in a household consisted of stuff and few things and hardly any trash. Back then, things were meant to last two, three, even ten years. Sometimes, they made things stregth beyond their lifespan by repurposing it.
Repurposing is a lost art. Why bother since we can get new things cheaply? Because the earth will not be able to sustain use in a few years if we keep using our resources at this rate! As soon as I get my sewing machine fixed I'm sewing a seat cushion out of an old pillow and some spiffy new fabric. If I had it laying around, I would use an old shirt or bed sheet.
Doing without if another way to keep stuff out of the landfills. Do you really need that new coffee maker when your old one is still kicking? How about that bottled water? Wouldn't a nice steel or aluminum bottle serve just as well and last ten times as long?
Choosing the right replacment is another way to keep trash and things out of the land fill. Instead of that plastic electric coffee maker how about a perculator? Instead of a bath puff, how about some nice wash clothes in your favorite colors?
Although somethings you just need to have disposible, like tissues and toliet paper, you can be smarter about what you choose. Try post-consumer fiber tissues or, if you think their pricey, Scotties is a good brand to go with. They're made with virgin fiber but for every tree they use they plant three. It's better than nothing.
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