Sunday, September 20, 2009


I'm the kind of person that would take $100 of spending money to vacation and come back with $50. It's just how I am. As I walk through the grocery store a constant reminder in my head goes "I can make this, it's simple." Usually this thinking is for the processed foods that, in truth, if I make myself would cost less and be healthier for me. Now, this thinking is getting attached to bread, butter, and cheese because I can make it. It's getting even worse now that I decieded I wasn't going to by any material posessions for a month or if I did it would be to make something cheaper. This is an exercise which I really don't need today. I've been working part time for three years and have over $8,000 in the bank. Yes, it's all my money but I also do not have bills to pay. I own a prepaid phone that has airtime for a year and over 900 minutes on it that I got for $100 because I can not justify spending $100 per month on a phone. Instead of buying a fancy popcorn popper I settled for a nice steel copper bottom 3 quart pot for $2 and learned how to shake it. It makes me laugh every time I think about the time when everyone loses their conviences and simply can't go one while us homesteaders will keep trucking along.
I want to keep things simple. I don't care if an air popcorn popper is easier, my old pot will keep churning it out way after that China made piece of plastic quits.


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