Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Help! Murder in the Kitchen!

No, seriously it was only beets. I think Doug and his friend Skeeter were on to something about beets. They are so good.
I took another trip to Trauger's, I have no clue were I'd be with out them. I bought two more bunches of beets, popcorn kernels, snickerdoodle cookies, and some really good Sarsparilla made in Kutztown. On the bottle it says "Nix besser" which means "Nothing better".
So it took me fours hours to make my pickled beets and process them. Good thing I didn't have to hover over it all that time. The beets tasted very good. I made nine pints of them only the ninth pint never made it to process because the bottom of the jar had a chip in it. I dumped it into a container and put it in the fridge. Tomorrow I'll boil some eggs and add them. Yummy. The recipe that I used was from
Also while I was out, I stopped by the Delaware Canal at one of the locks. It reminds you of a simpliar time when man needed beast to help haul boat loads of coal from the mountians.
Also, I took a picture of a mill. I've been inside it before. It's very impressive. But to ease your curiousity I have some photos of the mill I visited in Lancaster County. They ran the mill for our tour group. Here's the video with no sound. You probably wouldn't have been able to hear anything anyway.


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