Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today's Agenda

Mom's going out shopping with my sister and leaving me home alone. Fianlly! So here's home my day is going to go:
-Make Amish White Bread and cinnamon rolls
-Check garden and pick produce
-Balance check book
-Master cleaning of room
-Clean bathroom
Not much but it's somrthing to do with my only day off this week. Next paycheck will be very nice.


Karen Sue said...

Hey Rachel-
How's that whole scaling down thing working out for? I have a hubby who is a clothes hog and 4 kids, so it is an ongoing challenge here. It was actually easier when they were little, because I just did it and now I have to 'remind' them that if they don't have room to put their clothes away, they probably need to get rid of some stuff. And if they needed new jeans because their old ones were too small, then the old ones need to go into the box!! We are a blended family and there are alot of things that I don't feel comfortable tossing myself, but I started reading the website stuff and it helped me to purge. She does a couple of purges where you weigh it on the way out and post it and that is to motivate you. I drove a suburban at the time and in a 18 month period or less, I had that thing loaded up easily 2 or 3 times. I need to just start at a corner and work my way through the house again. I always felt so much better after the trip to the Salvation Army. Blessing someone else with my overflow. I REALLY don't need to keep out bathing suits that don't fit anyone in case of extra kids. get rid!!

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