Sunday, September 13, 2009

Banned from Cooking?!

Seriously, is it nessary to ban someone from cooking when one doesn't cook that much to begin with? Well, that's what my mom did. Who is she to ban me from cooking anyway? I'm 18 for goodness sakes! I clean up after myself and leave a clean kitchen behind. But yet I'm banned. The last thing I baked was on Wednesday and I took extra care to clean up. The kitchen was spotless. Now today when I annocnced I was making cookies she told me that I didn't need them. Um, excuse me? I'm not ten anymore and have less pleasant means of getting them as in going to the store and getting them.
This really frustrates me. A while ago I tried to get my mom to switch to homemade bread. I made two loaves every few weeks. She still bought bread. After awhile she told me to stop because no one was eating the store bought bread. I wonder why? Hmm.... I swear, she's fighting back hard to keep me from living the way I want to live but all she is doing is pushing me further and further away. The more she complains that more I want to get out. My sister's lucky, she moved out last year
I'll hang in there. Don't worry.


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