Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's Purchases-Folding chair and soap

I try not to buy things that I don't need. I'm pretty good at it, honest! Today I bought a folding chair at Target for $9.59 because the one that I was using was old, rusty, and broken. This one is all steel. This was a better deal than the plastic/aluminum one that is on sale this week and it has a ten year limited warrenty. To make it more presentable for my room I'll make a cushion for it so although the chair itself is not colorful I can add a little color with the cushion.
Today I also bought the last of my simple soap making supplies. Although I would love to make soap from scratch my current living conditions will not allow me, so I bought melt-n-pour instead. Thanks to a 40% off coupon I was able to snag the soap base at Michaels for $6 and everything else at regular price, about $3 for the mold, and $3 for the scent. All I really need now is something to melt it in the microwave with and pour it in the mold.


Karen Sue said...

I was on the Cold Antler forum today and I believe it was you that had a recipe for Pumpkin dog treats. 3 people have requested the recipe and I'd like to add myself to the number. Could you please post it here and put your link on the forum?? I'm afraid I'll forget if it's just posted there and I'm up for ordering bulk stuff this week and wondering what goes into them...

Karen Sue said...

so I'll be waiting to see how the soap thing works out for you. I haven't located lye yet..I'd really like to get into a soapmaking class somewhere that I didn't have to do all my own equipment right off until I sort of see what works for others. Not looking to invest in a lot of specialized stuff just for our consumption.
Might I recommend that you get enough material for the seat of your chair and perhaps a pillow, too?? even if it is only one side of each. They will pick each other up in the room!
Working much this week? I have tomatoes to take care of. I wanted to make more of Mrs Wates pizza sauce, but they were out of it. then I had my friends homemade salsa this weekend and I really liked it. Maybe next year..

Rachel B. said...

I posted the pumpkin dog buiscut recipe in the cast iron skillet but I'll post it here.

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