Monday, August 3, 2009

Today's Haul

The ground is still very soggy and I don't want to chance falling in the mud, although it would be fun. So what kind of a haul did I get? No, it's not raspberries, blueberries or anything like that. Oh no, it was canning jars! What makes this so special to be considered a haul? Well, I've been interested in canning some of my own things such as jams, pickles, apple butter, ect. but the intital cost was going to throw me into the loop. The thing with canning is that when you first start you need to buy everything. The Ball brand water bath canning kit has everything you need to start but it would cost you about $50. Yikes! However, I am fortunate enough to have parents that use to can. That's right, I get everything. Grant it, I had to hunt everything down in the cellar but it's worth not spending the $50. When I first got down there I was playing with small stones but I hit the mother load; unopened boxes of wide mouth canning jars! And better yet there were coupons inside with no expiration date! JACKPOT! So now I've cut cost down to another $20 because I would have had to bought jelly jars and wide mouth jar which are about $10 a box. All I really need to spend it the $2 for the jelly jar lids, $3 on pickle mix, $2 on fruit pertin, and how ever much cucumbers and raspberries will cost. Sweet, right?


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