Friday, August 28, 2009

No Electric, No Problem

This morning I woke up to rain on my face. During the summer I love to have my windows open. There is rarely a moment when at least one window is open. I got up, kicked the cat off my bed and went to do my morning routine on the computer. Around ten o'clock the electricity went out. I shrugged and lit some candles to do my hair in my windowless bathroom. My mom and I went out to the garden center that is closing for business.
It's so sad seeing something close that I've known all my life. They do anquies there too. I almost died when I saw the butter churn for $15 and a spinning wheel for $160! So where's my own homestead when I need it? I keep finding things I want but can't get because I have no place to put it except in boxes.
I found this set of stoneware plates that I want but can't use them. Ah, the restrictions of living with parents.
Thank goodness we have a propane stove. I don't know where I'd be without it. For lunch I made my gooey grilled cheese. I found that if you butter the bread with soft butter and fry it on low for about six minutes on one side and about four on the other it makes for a really yummy sandwich.


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