Friday, August 14, 2009

Owch! And other news

So someone up there was beating me with a stick today. I came home from shopping with my mom. Within 30 minutes I was on the road again to go to work with my lunch of pizza in tin foil waiting for me to eat it when I get there (I've only been driving a month and didn't want to take a chance). I get to work, eat it, and run it. When it was time for my dinner break I had a game plan. I needed pickling cucumbers but couldn't go to the farmer's market so I drive to the produce stand near work. Huzzah! I snagged 30 good pickling cucumbers for $3, less then half I was expecting. I get out to the car, bend over to slide my box in the car and BAM! I hit my head on the car. With my head throbbing I attempt to cross one lane and a turning lane. That didn't go to well. I ended up driving back to work, turning around and going out that stop light to McDonalds. Dumb me went to do this in rush hour traffic. Needless to say I had ten minutes to eat. It could have been worse. I get back, put my cucumbers into the fridge and in my excitment of telling my manager, a family friend who as been giving me advise on canning, I cut the corner to short at the register, it's raised about eight inches, and sliced a nice whole into my favorite pair of jeans. Eventful, no?
In other news, I found a very interesting artical on, A while back, I thought it would be neat to find edibles in the words but I doubt that would go over too well with my mom although raspberries are okay. I know not many people read this, but let's see who can find a wild edible. Do what the artical suggests. Take a picture of it, tell me where you foudn it and do something with it. Post the link to your picture in the comments. It'll be interesting to see what people find. Don't forget to do your research first.


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