Friday, August 28, 2009

The Bag Bag

A few months ago I started to crochet a grocery bag out of plastic grocery bags. I never finished it. After browsing through Mobile Home Woman's blog I found a video on how to melt the plastic bags into a bag. It's simple really! The part that took me the longest was sewing the side up by hand. I haven't really tested to see how much this can hold but I did use it to transport water ice and a tea shirt home. Today I'll go to the farmer's market to use it more.
So to make this, collect ten plastic bags about the same size.
Cut the tops and bottoms off.
Pull them inside out. This is important because they ink will bleed and make a mess.
Fold them in half three times.
Iron them between pieces of wax paper. Iron one side and flip over. Iron one by one until all of them are done.
If you have a working sewing machine you can just sew the panels together, three for the front and back, one for each side and bottom, and one for the handles.
For the handels just cut two stripes from the remaining back about an inch thick and sew it on.
For those who do not have a sewing machine you can fuse the front and back panels together and the bottom to the two sides. Two up the four remaining side with the blanket stich.
Ta da! With a sewing machine this would probably take you about an hour. With out a sewing machine three hours unless you can sew faster.


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