Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Trialling Week and Another Starting

Let me start off by saying, agh.....
It's been emotionally exhausting. Copper, one of my dogs, became sick a week ago due to a blockage in his intestines. Of course we waited a day to see how things turned out. Well, we played the waiting game to see if it would come out on it's own. The vet pumped him full of fluids and something to lubricate his bowels. By Thursday he was still sick so Friday, the vet had a very good idea where the blockage was so they operated. Out came a 2 inch piece of what seems to be clumping cat litter. Yes, we have cats but don't use clumping litter for this very reason! Nor does he have any access to the litter boxes inside.
There was the whole worry that it was cancer or something that they couldn't fix. Mom called me at work Thursday crying to me.
He came through surgery okay. Tired, of course. But not eating. We have to force feed him. He gets an antibiotic and the stuff to lubricate his bowels. Today he seems a little bit better even bearing his teeth at me if I pissed him off. But this morning my mom's grip slipped at she was giving him his antibiotic and sprayed it into his fur. He needs this shot twice a day so she used the last one to give him the antibiotic this morning therefore he couldn't have one tonight.
She's blaming herself for the fever of 103.7 he has at the moment because she didn't say anything when the vet called to check up on him. She could have gotten another shot. I'm praying that his fever will go down and he'll get more antibiotics tomorrow with his vet check up. I hate seeing him suffer.


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