Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pen Pals

I've always have loved writing to pen pals and receiving letters. In elementary school I have a few pen pals that I mostly exchanged e-mails with but a few that we actually wrote to. In middle school I got a German pen pal through my German class but we stopped writing to each other because I lacked my skill to write more than one letter in German and my partner barely could write a word in English.
Now, my friend from work in a pen pal letter writing machine! She has at least 10 pen pals from all different countries of the world. This makes me a little jealous.
So, I signed up for a few pen pal oriented websites and with in a few hours I got at least 10 e-mails from people wanting to be my pen pal. Most just want to e-mail but I got two so far that want to go the 'snail mail' route. Their letters go out today! One is from Latvia and the other's from Sri Lanka both countries that I know so little about. It'll be interesting to get to know some new people!


Emily said...

I had a few penpals back in the day... but I was generally too lazy to follow through with them. What website did you use to find yours?

Miranda said...

Yeah, can you please post the sites you used?


Conny said...

Just checking in here after a while away from blog reading. I always wished to have a pen pal when I was in elementary school. Nice that people still do such things. Have fun with it. :>)

Rachel B. said...

I got most of mine from studentoftheworld.com but it's only available to students and teachers. Inerpals.net is a good one as well. Penpalworld.com is also another one.

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