Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Great Soda Challenge: Update #4 and Conclusion

Week four as ended and so has my challenge. I drank my first can of soda in a month yesterday. It actually turned my stomach sour so I can't fathom ever drinking it again. However, I may take another stab at making my own to be more like a dessert instead of an all day drink. It contains way less sugar than the commercial stuff and I have a book that tells you have to make all natural soda as well.
So what's my next challenge? Candy bars. I love candy bars. Will I have enough will power to quit these as well? Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, could you let us know what book you have with soda recipes? That sounds like something I would be very interested in. I hate how hard/expensive it is to find soda that's not full of HFCS.

Rachel B. said...

It's called Homemade Root Beer, Soda, & Pop by Stephen Cresswell.

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