Friday, December 10, 2010

Finding My Humanity

In this world of fast food, 9-5 jobs, television, and internet, we find ourselves only part human. The other half is controlled by our fascination of things appearing with little or no work required.
After watched a few PBS specials focusing on different time periods, I began to yearn for what they had. Yes, it's hard to let go of the computer for a night and maybe the television for a day. But think about how good you feel afterwards. You feel more apart of the universe then someone trying to control it.
On a personal level, I started what I call "human hour" for myself where I turn my computer and my television off and do something. Read a book, do some crafts, or write a letter. Perhaps if I had a willing participant in my house I would play cards or a board game but unfortunately, my parents revolve around the computer or TV.
When I go to bed at night my brain is tired from all the exercise it did and usually end up falling asleep at 10 pm.
Do you have some sort of 'human hour'?
As for my Christmas gift posts I'll be doing double posts this weekend to make up. I've got some fabulous ideas in mind!


H Myers said...

"Human Hour" -- what a fantastic idea! I used to do 'no computer Saturdays', but I've fallen out of the habit. I used to meditate and do yoga, and read. I barely read any more. Need to get back to that. I could probably get my father to play a few hands of rummy with me. Thanks for the reminder!

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