Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ode to the Salty Sweetness
In my house this pork product is outlawed by my mom not because it's unhealthy but because it makes the house smell like bacon and gets grease everywhere, even if one uses the grease screen and cleans up when done. To her it's alright that she cooks scrapple (for those unfamiliar to this breakfast food, this is a Pennsylvania Dutch treat made of cornmeal and pig 'parts') and that I wake up to the smell of that, which I do not like. My dad did the unthinkable, he purchased some. Of course I had to cook it for breakfast which brought cries of disapproval from my mom. It was a completely substandard product anyway. I'll purchase better stuff from the butcher the next time since I only get to eat it every once in a blue moon, it'll be worth it.
Do any of you have a favorite food that you do not like to cook?


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