Sunday, June 13, 2010

Homesteading Fever

I've been very lazy lately. I have no idea why. Suddenly, I have no desire to cook, clean, or work in the garden. I'm calling it Homesteading Fever. It's where you stick to homesteading then slowly you begin to get tired of it then end of doing nothing. I'm trying hard to counter the effects on me. To help I made two rhubarb-strawberry pies.
It' nothing like a pie bakin' to git yer 'omesteadin' feet o gin! I'll post pictures soon. I found my camera chord!
I've been reading a lot lately, mostly trying to hid from the ugly muggy, humid weather we have been having.
I managed to plant my pumpkins and green bean but nothing else. Oh well. They say to start small anyway and after all of this year's short comings, I don't blame myself. Shit happens, right?
As much as I hate summer's mugginess, I'm going to try to keep pulling my ideas together.


Conny said...

Summer mugginess would surely keep me out of the garden. Beans and pumpkins - better than nothing at all. Its still early in the summer - there's plenty of time to step up the homesteading skills/efforts.

Glad you found your camera chord. :>)

Jennifer said...

Hey Rachel! I found your blog because of a comment you left on another blog. You mentioned homemade bagels and I was wondering if you had a favorite recipe you use? I have made them a few times, but would love to try a new recipe :)

Rachel B. said...

Mama darby,
Welcome! And here's the bagel recipe I use.

Matt said...

I hope your pies are helping to improve your motivation. My wife and I have been at this for 6 years now, slowly developing our homestead-lifestyle. After all that, I can say with all honesty, you're not the only one to get "homesteading fever". We usually experience at couple times a year, usually when non-homestead things start to press in on homestead time (or weather is really oppressive). One only has so much energy. At those times we take a step back, breathe, relax, and refocus on the activities that we really want to do or find really enjoyable. And sometimes that means letting some principles slip (like grabbing that pizza or burger) to allow us the time and energy to press on. Remember, homesteading isn't a single destination, its a lifelong process of learning and doing.

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