Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Conditioning

With highs reaching the mid 80s this past weekend it's time to start summer conditioning. Now, with most people this means cranking up the A/C. This is not the case here. In previous years I was in a downstairs bedroom that had A/C but in the fall of 2008 I moved up to my sister's old bedroom. When she was in this room the A/C was always cranked up and the windows closed. I'm just the opposit. I booted the A/C to the curb for a more energy approch and, besides, I only have two windows in my room, might as well make the most of it. So summer conditioning is not making the temperature suit you but making you suit the temperature. We humans are warm blooded animals and our body temperature flucuates with the temperature around us. Ever wonder why you still wear jackets in 70 degree weather? You're body has not adjusted yet.
The first step to summer conditioning is to drink plenty of cold water, ice cold if possible. We need water to perspire and perspiring is our "cooling system". Also do not wear anti-perpirant deoderant as it inhibits our natural cooling system.
Wear light clothing. For this you want to go with natural fabrics such as cotton and silk. Wearing light colors helps as well.
Open your windows and turn on fans. In my room I have three fans; a window fan, a box fan, and a regular fan that I can turn towards the ceiling in hopes of creating a cross breeze.
You have any more ideas on how to keep cool during the summer without an A/C please comment! I would love yo hear your advice!


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