Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!?

How on earth could I foget my own blog's birthday? I feel like such an idiot. No worries. I still would love to do a small give away probably with in the next week.
I went by Trauger's yesterday and saw people picking raspberries! I'll have to get my friend to come with me next week to pick for jam. Yum. Canning will be done a little differently this year and I hope it works out great.
The pickles are almost gone and I have one more jar of blackberry jam in the pantry and not so apple butter, which will be turned into apple bread.
Beans are doing great! So are the pumpkins, or at least the ones I didn't plant of course.
I haven't really watched cable TV for a few weeks now so it's decided that once I move out I will not have cable.


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