Saturday, July 24, 2010

To Keep a Journal

For the past two weeks or so I've been writing in a seperate journal. There's a lot that I was to wrtie down but it's not really appropiate for this blog nor do I want it on my blog. It's a  great way to express yourself and to keep in touch with yourself. The idea maybe considered old fashioned in the world on today where everyone twitters, blogs, and has other social networking connections. But a journal gives you a certain sense of privacy that the internet will never give you.
The notebook that you choose to write in doesn't have to be some fancy leather bound volume purchased at a sationary shop. A simple composition books that cost about $1 will do but there are endless varieties out there to choose one so you can have a journal that truely is you. Another thing that you may want to purchase is a good pen or stick with the same pen day after day. If you choose a special pen to write with in your journal then that connection between you and your journal will be stronger. Another thing to consider using is a bookmarker to keep track of where you are in your journal.
I hope this inspires to start journaling!


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