Monday, July 12, 2010

The Tinicum Arts Festival

I could just kick myself in the rear for not taking my camera! I'm sure that most of you are unfamiliar with my little township in the middle of nowhere where even I, a girl that was born and raised in this mountains, still get lost on the winding back roads.
The Tinicum Arts Festival is put together every year by the Tinicum Civic Association, that gives money to the non-profits and clubs of the area (ei. Girl Scouts, historical places, parks ect.). The Festival is huge with over 50 vendors from the local area and food and fun to boot. At the center of it all is the "Art Barn" where they display art from the local artists.
First, before I could do anything I had to travel to Frenchtown to get some cash, which is a pain and a half to get and nearly got me into an accident because of lack of knowledge of parking close to the curb. I will restrain from making a snide remark about New Jersey drivers.
I arrived around 11 am when the grounds opened and it was already packed. My sole mission was get purge any books from the "book wagon" that I could (at 3 for a $1 for mass market paperbacks, 3 for $5 for trade paperback and hardcover who could complain?). All the proceeds from the sales and booths rental to local craftsman, go to the Tinicum Civic Association.
Since I went by myself it wasn't as fun but would have been better if I had brought my camera.
A got to see one of my friends from school whom I haven't seen in a year and I knew she would be there because she helps out with a booth for her church. After that reunion, a bag of books in one hand and a steamy hot funnel cake in the other it was already 12:15 so I high tailed it out of there. By then I counted my lucky stars because the field that they had us parking in was nearly full.


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