Sunday, May 9, 2010

Don't Sell it Swap it!

Are you done with your copy of Twilight or finished listening to Ke$ha, but want to get rid of it those items and want to advoid the hassel of selling it or taking to the thift store? Look no further. is a website that lets your swap books, CDs, DVDs, and games for free. All you have to pay is the shipping cost. utilizes two lists, what you have and want to trade, and what you want. Once you have a good amount of items on both lists you can either browse or wait until Swaptree sets you up with a trade. From there you can either accept the trade or reject it. There is also a time limit you have to accept or reject the item. Letting that time run out will freeze your account. Don't worry. Just log in and unfreeze by answering why you didn't do anything.
There are three kinds of trades; two way, three way, and four way. This makes it easier to get what you want and allows more flexiblity for trading. Instead of you sending your book to someone who's sending you a book, you send your book to person #1 who sends their item to person #2 and person #2 send the item you want to you. It's pretty simple because Swaptree does most of the work in setting up trades. makes it easy for applying postage, as well, with their prepaid postage labels, but be warned. To use their postage they raise the price a few cents and they charge you a $1 each month you use it. If you plan to swap a lot, this is ideal and better than waiting in line at the post office. All you need to do is print out the label, drop in the mailbox, and it's done! The only down side to this system is that they automatically give you media mail for books and first class for DVDs. If you know you can get cheaper postage, go to the post office.
Here's my challenge to you. Select at least ten books, DVDs, CDs, or games that you will never read again, and don't want hanging around. Set up a free account on List your ten books, DVDs, CDs, or games and make your 'want' list. By the end of the week, trade at least one item and report back here and tell me want you traded and what you got or getting (some traders are really slow at mailing the item).
Happy swapping!
P.S. If sending books to strangers doesn't tickle your fancy, hold a swap party with friends. I'll tell you more about this later because I maybe holding my own.


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