Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bethlehem, Cars, and Cats

There's is just so much stuff that has happened in the last few days. Some good, but, unfortunatly, some bad. I'll tell you the good first.
I got a car! For the past eight months I've been using my dad and mom's cars to go to work and the occasional trip to a friend's house or for alone time. We've been looking for awhile for a good canidate that could be my or my mom's car. Unfortunatly, in October, our car's, Gumby, struts in the rear rusted and we were forced to part with it because it cost too much to repair. A few weeks later we bought Jewel, a '95 Ford Escort. Man, she is a Jewel! Lately, I've been giving up what I want to go around my mom's schedule. What pushed this even farther is Monday night I forgot to switch the car seat to the other car so my mom was stuck with my nephew for a few more hours than nesscary.
Today, we drive down the road and there she is! A red '94 Mercury Tracer wagon. If you know a thing or two about cars, Mercury Tracers are like cousins to Ford Escorts, so the switch would be a breeze. Call the owner up and it turns out that a family friend is selling it. They wanted about $3,000 for it but we managed to talk them to $2,300 and tomorrow the car will mom's, I'm keeping my Jewel. I'm so happy! Next year, I can go to college!
In other good news, I went to Bethlehem, PA today. I had a good time, except for the reason that my mom and I were there (long story). But, man! If I could spend a day there! Coincidentally, our destination was located two doors down from the brew supply store or I bought some champange yeast and more extract.
So, now for the sad news.
Juno, one of our Tuxedo cats, passed away today. It's weird, really. Literally one second he was fine then...Boom...he's crawling on the floor unable to support himself with it back legs. His appeite was good and so was his will to live, but his feet were as cold as ice. We rushed him to the vet. There was nothing that financially we could do. Juno, had a blood clot that was cutting off cruclation to his back legs. We had no choice but to put him down.
Truthfully, I was never really a fan of the cat. He would stupidly follow my sister and I around. Don't get me wrong, he was a good cat, but there wasn't something right about him. We had a strong belief that he was an inbred.
So, I'm exhausted and need time to process everything. Too much at once.


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