Friday, October 22, 2010

Letters Update

This has been a really good mail week. I've received mail everyday so far. A postcard from Taiwan and a post card from Holland came. Postcards for various swap-bot swaps. I'm starting to loose count of the things that I've sent.
Letters: 17
Postcards: 15
I've received:
Letters: 6
Postcards: 9
It seems like everyday I have mail to send. It's fun. And I'm getting to know my locate postal clerks as well.
I'm going to hold a letter writing challenge next month. I'll post details later.


H Myers said...

Getting mail that's not a bill or some crazy political flyer is indeed fun. Where do you make contact with people to exchange letters or postcards? I've heard of a few sites but I've never actually tried any of them. Letter-writing should not be a dying art. Glad to see someone active in it!

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