Sunday, August 8, 2010

How To Sew A Button by Erin Bried

For those looking for a nifty new book on homemaking. Look no further. I recently checked out How to Sew a Button out of the library and I'm really impressed! It tells you how to do anything you might ever wish to do regarding homemaking. How to unclog a toilet. How to make pie. The list goes on. This is definatly going onto my bookshelf right next to Made From Scratch.
The author starts out her introduction on how she moved to New York and became the senior staff writer of SELF magazine. But one day she made strawberry rhubarb pie for a few of her friends only to discover, as they ate it, she bought swiss chard instead! Motivated by this incident she put together a collection of how to's based off of women who went through the Great Depression.
So if haven't taken a look at this book see if your local library has it. It's worth a look!


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