Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'm slacking in posting. I know, but lately I've been sort of down in the dumps. I don't mean to sound like a troubled teen but I feel so alone. My friends don't call me or talk to me. It's depressing. Two of my friends aren't in college and they live 15 minutes away. I've tried to get them to come over but both wont. The friend that I wanted to go to the meusum with I have not been able to get in touch with her. I'll go by myself and have a good time. I love going to work because it gives me a chance to talk to non-family members and people my own age.
I've been cooking like crazy. To me, I'm cooking my frustrations away. In the past week I've made two batches of apple butter, a totally from scratch pumpkin pie, and snickerdoodles. When I'm cooking I'm one of the happiest people in the world. It feels good.
About the pumpkin pie, I'll post more about it later.


Judy said...

I understand your feelings on loneliness. I have always been somewhat of a loner. I do alot of things by myself. Some is by choice some is because I find it hard to make friends. I am not good at small talk and it takes me time to warm up to people. Most of my friends are people are I work with. They all have their own lives and different interests from mine. I long to have a few friends that I can go to the movies with, go on a outing, go on a trip, just hang with. Maybe your friends are caught up in their own things right now and you will soon being hearing from them. Pumpkin pie is one of favorites.

Karen Sue said...

Stick a slice of that pumpking pie in the mail for me, too! Yeah, I've had life changes -divorce, new hubby, move within the school district, but 15-20 minutes away. You'd think I was a whole different person, but I'm just me.. some the same, some different. Life changes and friends change. We're here for you!

PS...don't forget the pie...Judy and I will be waiting by the mailbox!!

Rachel B. said...

I did you two one better and posted the recipe.
Thanks for your support!

Karen Sue said...

Oh, how is the book? I was trying to do 3 at a time and failed miserably. Now I'm waiting for one I added because of my Table of 8 from church, so I'll try to finish the one I'm reading first and fit in my Mary/Martha chapter before church..maybe tomorrow night is looking good. Although I could use just a night at home...pickup up and cleaning. I do better at that in the daylight, but that is at a premium these days.!!

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