Friday, July 10, 2009

Learning to Knit

I know how to crochet, sew, bake, speak German, and even play the clarinet. Something was missing and after reading Jenna's book it was something more then just chickens and a nice garden. It was knitting.
I've tried it before without much success. Yes, I was even in a knitting club in middle school where I didn't learn much and if I did, I don't remember any of it. Inspired by Jenna's books I decided it was time to take it on with the promise of nice fuzy warm socks in the winter. So, on a misson to Joanns for flannel for burp clothes for my sister I journeyed into the yarn and needle aisle. Needless to say I got out with size 9 needles a two skeins of wool/acrylic blend to practice with and to knit a classic scarf.
Having a vague idea of how to cast on I started but knew something was wrong, I couldn't start a new row. After a little research, I found a video with a british woman showing you how to cast on with two needles. It may take longer to do but it works for me!
So kniting I went! I praticed that for awhile and pulled it out. Why? Something else was missing, having it smooth. To my luck I found a video teaching how to do it. Apparently, the stitch that I was doing was called the "knit stitch" and the one that I needed to make a smooth piece was called the "pearl stitch", which is the knit stitch backwards.
I'm going to continue pacticing and hopefully I'll have some cozy pairs of socks by winter and maybe some cotton ones for summer.
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