Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Earth and Technology

Things like computers suck tons of electricty up resulting in high eletric bills and even engery wasted. They seems to be one of the highest engery wasters and almost everyone had one. Check out these stats from
A desktop computer uses 60-250 watts while a laptop uses 15-45 watts. When your desktop is in sleep mode it uses 1-6 watts. Know let's add the screen. A typical 17" CRT screen uses 80 watts while LCD screens use only 35 watts. Don't be fooled by screen saves with pictures. They may be screen savers but they are not electricity savers. The wattage does not change with screen savers with images are on.
When choosing a computer with engery saving in mind it's best to go with a laptop.
If you are looking to save money now with out investing in a new computer here are some helpful tips.
  • Change your screen saver to a black screen saver (0-15 watts)
  • Even better turn it off (0-10 watts)
  • Darken your screen-you will notice it at first but you'll get use to it

If you have any other ideas to help with saving electricity please comment!


Malia said...

One tip... also, unplug any laptop when it is turned off. Same applies to cell phone chargers. They continue to suck up electricity when turned off.

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